The Fantasy Joes

--- Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson ---

There are a lot of fantasy football podcasts out there, but only one of them offers the fresh, fun, and unique takes of the Fantasy Joes! Jake, Ryan, and Will are the Fantasy Joes, and each week their goal is to offer completely unique and fresh fantasy football content you won't hear on other podcasts. The Fantasy Joes are truly just "regular joes" that don't take themselves or fantasy football too seriously, and they realize the best way to play fantasy football is just to have fun with it. They also realize it is always the most fun when you are winning, which they will help you do each and every week!

Brought to you by Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson of The Fantasy Joes

Latest Episodes…

  1. Fantasy Joes Episode Six: Return of the Jedi

    The Fantasy Joes get a little Star Wars crazy as Will associates Ryan and Trey with iconic Star Wars characters. The Fantasy Joes also get into their Deshaun Watson and Evan Engram moments of the week, some of their favorite buys and sells, their Twitter follow of the week, and, ...


  2. Fantasy Joes Episode 5 with Special Guest Nathan Powell

    Special guest Nathan Powell (@NPowellFF) faces off against Ryan and Will in a game Nathan coins “Name That Score”. Trey and Will both marvel at Ryan’s genius for nailing his Week 4 Hot Bold Spicy Takes (Guess which Fantasy Joe writes these show summaries?). The Joes also get into some ...


  3. The Fantasy Joes Podcast Episode 4: Avoiding the Week 3 Freakout

    The Fantasy Joes are back with their Chris Thompson and Marcus Cooper Sr. moments of Week Three, a brief recap of top performers last year that started slow and possible slow start candidates that could finish strong in 2017, a little Joe Mixon/@GrahamBarfield love, and some of our hottest takes ...


  4. The Fantasy Joes Podcast Episode 3 with Special Guest Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright

    The only and only Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright joins the Fantasy Joes to discuss some dynasty buy now targets and plays the “How well do you know the Twitterverse?” game again Trey and Will, with Ryan playing the part of Bob Barker. The Fantasy Joes also talk buy or ...


  5. The Fantasy Joes Podcast Episode 2: Overreaction Week!

    It’s Overreaction Week! The Fantasy Joes discuss their favorite moments of the first week of the 2017 NFL season and some of the disappointments. The Joes also discuss the “2017 Fantasy Fidget Spinners”, guys that blew up in the first week of the season they expect to underperform expectations moving ...