The Fantasy Joes

--- Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson ---

There are a lot of fantasy football podcasts out there, but only one of them offers the fresh, fun, and unique takes of the Fantasy Joes! Jake, Ryan, and Will are the Fantasy Joes, and each week their goal is to offer completely unique and fresh fantasy football content you won't hear on other podcasts. The Fantasy Joes are truly just "regular joes" that don't take themselves or fantasy football too seriously, and they realize the best way to play fantasy football is just to have fun with it. They also realize it is always the most fun when you are winning, which they will help you do each and every week!

Brought to you by Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson of The Fantasy Joes

Latest Episodes…

  1. Fantasy Joes 40: The Joes’ Pros, players we believe in. Plus, a #DynastyTwitter game!

    The Fantasy Joes plant flags this week on their “Joes’ Pros”, players they are buying that they believe will be significant fantasy performers in 2018 and beyond. The Joes also share players they don’t believe in that you might want to considering selling sooner rather than later. Also, Trey and ...


  2. Fantasy Joes Episode 39: Narrative Street...The Good, The Bad, and the Joey

    This is the time of year when you hear the same narratives over and over again about certain players and why or why not they’ll be successful in 2018 and beyond. Is Sony Michel someone to avoid drafting since “you can never trust a New England running back”? Should we ...


  3. Fantasy Joes 38: Late Round Superflex Rookie Mock Draft Assessment and Strategy with Jordan McNamara (@McNamaraDynasty)

    Ask and ye shall receive! Listeners were disappointed we didn’t dive into the later rounds of the Superflex Rookie Mock Draft on last week's episode. So, this week we are doing just that! And, the Joes are joined in this effort by none other than Jordan McNamara ([@McNamaraDynasty](, co-host of ...


  4. Fantasy Joes 37: Dynasty Superflex Rookie Mock Draft

    The 2018 NFL Draft is over, so now we are into the rookie draft season for our dynasty leagues! The Fantasy Joes recruited nine of their favorite dynasty league mates to participate in a 12 team dynasty superflex rookie mock draft. On this episode, the Joes recap all the picks ...


  5. Fantasy Joes Drafterparty Special: Day 2

    The Fantasy Joes are joined by some of their favorite people in the dynasty community (@EmpireFFL, @TylerGheeNFL, @DFF_Shane, @McNamaraDynasty, @NFL_drafthub, and @pahowdy) for their 2018 Day 2 NFL Drafterparty! We attempt to pick up the pieces after a Day 2 of the NFL Draft that really didn’t give us many ...