The Fantasy Joes

--- Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson ---

There are a lot of fantasy football podcasts out there, but only one of them offers the fresh, fun, and unique takes of the Fantasy Joes! Jake, Ryan, and Will are the Fantasy Joes, and each week their goal is to offer completely unique and fresh fantasy football content you won't hear on other podcasts. The Fantasy Joes are truly just "regular joes" that don't take themselves or fantasy football too seriously, and they realize the best way to play fantasy football is just to have fun with it. They also realize it is always the most fun when you are winning, which they will help you do each and every week!

Brought to you by Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson of The Fantasy Joes

Latest Episodes…

  1. Fantasy Joes 45: Talking #DynastyTrades with Peter Overzet and the Bad Boys of Dynasty with The Manz

    Peter Overzet, host of Fantasyland, the amazing podcast from RotoViz, joins the 2/3rds of the Fantasy Joes (where are you Will?) to talk about some #DynastyTrades. Not to be outdone, The Manz himself crashes the party to discuss with the Joes the “bad boys” of the NFL and how to ...


  2. Fantasy Joes 44: Uncut (sort of), Unedited (-ed), and (somewhat) unscripted (or 26 year-old WRs, the Joes rookies, and a Saquon song)

    All too often, some of the best discussions the Fantasy Joes have never make the podcast. This minimally edited episode gives you a behind-the-scenes listen into what these conversations are like. From a brief discussion of a 2018 startup dynasty mock draft the Joes did back in the summer of ...


  3. Fantasy Joes 43: Great Summer Value Buys

    On this episode, the Fantasy Joes discuss a number of guys they think represent great summer value buys in dynasty. These are players to target right now that the Joes think are a tremendous value. This is actionable advice...rookie drafts may be over, and we may still be months away ...


  4. Fantasy Joes 42: Players we really love that we hope we are wrong about

    The Fantasy Joes discuss some players they love, but feel they are getting overhyped and/or overvalued as we head deeper into summer. There isn’t a consensus on all of these players among the Joes, so there is plenty of healthy debate on this episode! Players discussed include JuJu, Allen Robinson, ...


  5. Fantasy Joes 41: Salary Cap Talk with Dan Meylor

    Dan Meylor [@dmeylor22]( from DLF joins the Fantasy Joes to talk salary cap. Whether you are completely new to the concept of a salary cap league or a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to listen in as Dan, one of the biggest proponents of salary cap leagues in the Dynasty community, ...