The Fantasy Joes

--- Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson ---

There are a lot of fantasy football podcasts out there, but only one of them offers the fresh, fun, and unique takes of the Fantasy Joes! Jake, Ryan, and Will are the Fantasy Joes, and each week their goal is to offer completely unique and fresh fantasy football content you won't hear on other podcasts. The Fantasy Joes are truly just "regular joes" that don't take themselves or fantasy football too seriously, and they realize the best way to play fantasy football is just to have fun with it. They also realize it is always the most fun when you are winning, which they will help you do each and every week!

Brought to you by Will Greenwood, Ryan Livergood, and Jake Patterson of The Fantasy Joes

Latest Episodes…

  1. Fantasy Joes 193: Week 1 Reactions and Advice

    The Joes share their “Kyler Murray” Moments and “Packing Your Bags” Letdowns of Week 1, followed by discussing some of their takeaways and (in some cases) actionable advice from what we saw during Week 1. All this, plus the Joes revisit some of their 2021 predictions from last ...


  2. Fantasy Joes 192: 2021 NFL/Fantasy Previews and Predictions

    The Joes discuss the 2021 NFL season and give their picks for MVPs, division winners, the Super Bowl, and more. Also, the Joes predict fantasy MVPs, discuss the 2021 late round rookies that will make a fantasy impact, and share the players they think will be highest risers ...


  3. Fantasy Joes 191: Predicting July 2022 TE ADP

    In this episode, the Joes look into their crystal ball and predict what TE ADP will look like a little less than one year from now. Do the Joes have any doubt that Kyle Pitts will be TE1 in dynasty by the end of this season? How far ...


  4. Fantasy Joes 190: 2021 Hot Bold Spicy Takes!!!

    Football is almost upon us! The Joes are getting you hyped for real football with some hot bold spicy takes for the 2021 season! Which NFC East WR does Will think will finish as the overall WR1? Which late round TE does Ryan think could finish as a ...


  5. Fantasy Joes 189: Predicting July 2022 WR ADP

    In this episode, the Joes look into their crystal ball and predict what WR ADP will look like one year from now. There are four WRs the Joes all agree will be in the top five, but what other WR will join the “big four” WRs of Metcalf, ...